Types of Theft, Fraud & Embezzlement that Require Legal Representation in Houston TX

If you have ever been the victim of any type of fraud or you have been charged with fraud it can be a scary feeling. Fraud charges are usually where someone has taken advantage of someone else in some way; usually monetarily.

Dyer & Libby Attorney At Law has listed some types of fraud that may require you to hire an attorney.

Checks: This is a very common way that people are using fraud for their advantage. Many times this is where a person will pay for a service or product with a check when they have knowledge that there is not enough money in the attached account to cover the cost. The person may knowingly use the check to get what they want and in the end it leaves the person receiving the check out that amount of money. To protect yourself, it’s a good idea to only take a check when the person has a good address and name that matches the information on the federal or state identification card. This way if the person has a bad check you know at least who you need to go after to collect your money.

Debt Elimination: There are many Americans that are in some form of debt. Out of those people there are many that are trying to get out of debt and there are others that are taking advantage of these people. They are called Debt Eliminators and they take all your debt and say they will talk down what you owe and in the end they take one payment and spread it out over all the debt. You have to be careful when hiring someone to do that since there are many people that start taking your payments and don’t actually pay off any of the debt as promised. They also have access to all your credit card information and can use it at their discretion. Beware of debt eliminators.

Charity Fraud: This is a very sad type of fraud that some people take advantage of. People are sending money thinking they are helping others in need and come to find out they are paying for someone’s new car or lifestyle. Some criminals take advantage around the holidays when people are willing to give and will call as a solicitor looking for donations. There are many real charities out there that are great and give to the cause but there are a few that don’t. The best way to be sure your money is going where you want, is to contact the charity directly instead of through solicitation.

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