Resolutions of Neighbor Disputes over Noise, Behavior of Children & Pets, Fences, Trees, Parking, Property Line, Floodlight, Water Damage etc in Houston TX

We are all taught to love thy neighbor. Well what you can’t be sure of is what type of neighbor you are going to end up with. A big area of concern that police and lawyers are finding, stems from neighborly disputes. These days most people tend to mind their own business and keep to themselves, but there are times that you feel like you may need to take action when it comes a neighbor that you just seem to be at odds with constantly.

Dyer and Libby Attorney at Law has listed the top four disputes that neighbors usually have with one another and how to resolve them before it lands you in court!

NOISE: This is the number one complaint that people have when it comes to their neighbors. It is most often a house that has young adult residents who are constantly throwing parties and get together. All of the cities and towns have some sort of ordinance that makes it illegal to be loud after a certain hour. If you have a neighbor who is a habitual offender you may start to feel fed up. Maybe you are the neighbor that keeps getting into trouble from all of the noise. This can be hard if you have a neighbor that has small kids or are light sleepers and just can’t tune it out.

PETS or ANIMALS: This is another major issue among many neighbors. All types of animals can become a problem for neighbors that live around you. If a neighbor has a dog that is left outdoors most of the time, it may bark. That is okay as long as it is at a minimum. There are some dogs that bark and bark at anything and everything and the sun setting doesn’t stop them. You can also struggle if the neighbor does not clean up the dog droppings that over time can smell and start to waft over to your house as well. Cats also cause trouble if they are let out and they choose to use the bathroom in other neighbor’s yards. It can be a real nuisance to a person who doesn’t own a cat and has to clean up its feces.

CHILDRENS BEHAVIOR: This is not a huge problem because most people give their children some boundaries that include staying off the neighbor’s property. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and can be an issue if kids are out destroying other people’s property or playing on their yard without permission.

VISUAL NUISANCE: This is when a neighbor flat out has something on their property that can be seen from the street that is an eyesore for everyone else. You might have voiced your opinion on the matter and they could have decided they wanted to leave it the way that it is. A messy neighbor can actually bring the value down of other houses that are surrounding it.

Other disputes cover the range from disagreements over Property Lines, Fences, Trees, Parking, Floodlight and Water Damage.

Conflict & Dispute Resolution Process & Legal Representation in Houston, Conroe, Galveston, Sugar Land & the Great State of Texas

There are many ways for neighbors to typically go about resolving their disputes including discussing the issue directly, calling the police or sending a carefully worded letter or email. An experienced lawyer like Dyer & Libby Attorneys At Law can help with the wording of your correspondence to assist in giving you a quick resolution. If neighbor disputes do escalate and you end up in court, call Dyer & Libby Attorney at Law for expert Legal Representation!

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