Sex Crimes

Have you Been Arrested for a Sex Offense in Houston?

If you have been arrested for a sex offense in Houston or any surrounding Texas area, it is necessary to hire experienced, aggressive legal representation right away. A conviction for a sex offense can destroy everything you have ever worked for in your life. Dyer & Libby Attorneys At Law represents clients who have been accused of sex offenses as well as many other crimes. The consequences of a sex offense conviction are real and severe. The following aspects of your life are at stake:
•Your freedom – a felony conviction can lead to an extensive incarceration period for each charge
•Your reputation – a sex offense conviction will ruin your reputation and good name
•Your career – a sex offense conviction can get you fired and destroy future career opportunities
•Your personal relationships – sex offense convictions often tear families apart

Sex offenses and dangerous crimes against children convictions, result in mandated incarceration, with extremely long prison sentences; sometimes life. Judges must follow strict sentencing guidelines of consecutive sentencing that often do not allow for parole or early release. A felony sex offender will require lifelong sex offender registration and if the registered sex offender does not adhere to all of the registration requirements, an additional prison sentence is usually required.

Sex Offenses in Texas Include:

•Rape, statutory and date rape
•Sexual assault
•Child pornography
•Internet sex crimes
•Prostitution and soliciting a prostitute
•Indecent exposure
•Human and sex trafficking

In order to successfully challenge a sex offense charge, your attorney must have a highly developed working knowledge of constitutional and criminal law, criminal procedure and evidence. At Dyer & Libby, our legal defense strategies almost always involve motions for suppressing or excluding evidence that is illegally obtained or followed improper police procedure such as the omission of Miranda rights. We will also utilize the expertise of forensics experts to disprove blood, tissue and semen samples.

Complimentary, No-Obligation Consultation

When you sit down with our experienced defense attorneys, you will soon experience firsthand our nonjudgmental, understanding and compassionate demeanor as we discuss your case. We have represented many clients in similar situations and we understand how easy it is to be falsely accused. Our position is clear: you are innocent until and unless you are proven guilty. We are ready and prepared to fight for you in an effort to maintain your innocence, rights and freedom. Our defense against false allegations include careful examination of the evidence against you; whether it can be suppressed or excluded as well as whether it was manufactured. This includes whether others gained financially or otherwise by falsely accusing you. Other defense strategies may include investigation and challenging of each allegation, whether correct police procedures were followed and whether your constitutional rights were violated.

When your freedom, reputation, career, personal relationships and future is at stake, you want an experienced and aggressive sex offense attorney to fight for you and your rights. Dyer and Law has extensive experience representing clients who have been accused of sex offenses in Houston and surrounding areas. We will craft a defense that is designed to maintain your freedom and innocence as well as obtain the best results possible. We offer a free case evaluation that gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn what you need to know how to best proceed in your case. We treat our clients with compassion and respect. Call us for a complimentary no-obligation consultation today!

Molestation / Child Sexual Abuse

Child molestation or child sexual abuse is the act of sexually touching a child (a girl or boy 13 years of age or younger). Child abuse charges generate a great amount of stigma; even the mere accusation of a child molestation charge will affect the way that others look at you. Even though our criminal justice system is based upon the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”, in highly charged child molestation cases, people tend to rush to judgment and assume your guilt.

If you have been charged with child molestation in Houston, it is necessary to take the first step forward in an effort to understand your legal options, rights and status. Dyer & Libby can help you determine exactly where you stand in your case and what the best outcome can be.

Child Pornography

Child pornography is pornography that exploits children for sexual stimulation. Even the allegation of a child pornography charge is enough to upset the balance in your life. If you have been arrested for possessing, creating or distributing child pornography in Houston, we urge you to obtain the legal services of a skilled and experienced child pornography lawyer like Dyer & Libby.
It is illegal to be involved in any form of child pornography in Texas. There are also federal laws that prohibit child pornography. The consequences of a child pornography conviction are extreme.

Dyer & Libby’s defense against child pornography includes motions regarding improper police procedures, illegally obtained or improperly handled evidence and/or tainted chain of possession as well as unproven or disputed computer ownership or usage and finally unconstitutional search and seizure of evidence.

Internet Sex Crimes

What are Internet Sex Crimes? It is illegal to participate in online sex chat rooms with the following motives:
•To solicit a minor on the internet
•To lure a minor for sexual exploitation
•To schedule (or attempt to schedule) a meeting with a minor
•To communicate with a minor

Just because your IP address or email account was used to conduct illegal activity such as internet sex crimes does not mean you or someone in your household was responsible. Many people are highly skilled in computers and there is always the possibility that someone could hack into your computer and commit crimes. If you have been arrested for an internet sex crime in the Houston area, we urge you to obtain the legal representation that you need. Dyer & Libby has the legal expertise and extensive experience to defend people accused of internet sex offenses.

Fortunately it takes more than a simple accusation or an arrest to prove guilt. The government must prove that you have violated specific laws in order for you to be found guilty. Some of the defenses that Dyer & Libby employs against internet sex crimes include incorrect or mistaken identity, illegally obtained or tainted evidence, improper police procedure such as Miranda rights not being read or a warrantless search as well as entrapment by authorities posing as minors on the internet.


Prostitution involves offering sexual services in exchange for a fee or something of value; in most cases money is exchanged between the parties. In other instances there may be an item or service exchanged such as drugs, shelter or transportation. Sexual conduct may involve intercourse, oral sex, or other kinds of sex.

As your Houston prostitution defense attorney, we may raise a number of challenges in order to obtain a favorable verdict or even a dismissal of your case. These may include such factors as whether the arrest and/or search warrant was valid or if there was a lack of a search warrant altogether, whether evidence was illegally obtained or if police conduct was unconstitutional or followed improper procedure and finally was there entrapment of undercover officers improperly acting as “Johns”.

Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure involves exposing genitals or breasts in a reckless manner with indifference as to whether someone else would be offended or alarmed by the act. It does not include the act of breast feeding.

At Dyer & Libby, we will carefully analyze your case to determine whether any offense of indecent exposure actually occurred. Our legal defense strategy may include examination of whether there were any credible witnesses and if their statements were accurately recorded. We also look to see if there is contrary evidence that proves the alleged facts of the case are false and whether the police followed proper procedure. Our goal is to negotiate the charges to a lesser offense or in the best can achieve an immediate case dismissal.

Other Sex Crimes: Human and Sex Trafficking, “Peeping Tom” Voyeurism etc

Regarding human and sex trafficking charges, as in all other crimes, our defense looks to expose improper police procedures, lack of or improperly obtained evidence and false allegations. In some arrests and charges such as voyeurism, we seek to dispute the intent that must be proven. For a free consultation, contact Dyer & Libby Attorneys At Law today!

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