DUI / DWI / Drunk Driving

Driving related offenses including DUI (driving under the influence), DWI (driving while intoxicated), driving without insurance or with a suspended license, and hit-and-run are all serious criminal offenses in the State of Texas. All motorists should be knowledgeable of their rights under the law and seek out a skilled DUI/ DWI defense attorney like Dyer & Libby Attorneys At Law. You need the skilled DUI defense and traffic attorneys of Dyer & Libby on your side when facing any criminal or civil charges.

Several unpleasant consequences can happen after you are arrested for a traffic related offense. You may:
– face jail time and/or other forms of punishment
– be put on probation
– be fined
– lose your license
– see large increases in your car insurance premiums.

At Dyer & Libby Attorneys At Law, our expert DUI attorneys have combined decades of experience handling these types of cases in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. We can put your mind more at ease as we explain the court and investigation process. We will attack the government’s drunk driving case from the moment you were stopped by the police all the way through your arrest and blood alcohol content testing to make sure that the police acted legally and treated you fairly. We will address such concerns as
• Were you stopped illegally?
• Were you properly advised of all your rights?
• Were you denied your right to speak to an attorney?
• Did the police administer the field sobriety tests properly?
• Was the equipment used by the police to test your blood alcohol content properly maintained and calibrated?
• Did medication or medical conditions contribute to the facts upon which the arrest was based?
• Was your arrest legal?

Our DUI attorneys have the experience to defend you and the expertise to exploit the many mistakes that are very often made by the police; all to your advantage. If there is some basis that provides ground for reasonable doubt of your guilt, we will find it! We are prepared to go as far as necessary within Texas law to protect your rights. We know how important both your freedom and your privilege to drive are to you. We will aggressively fight to ensure that you keep them.

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