Help for Falsely Accused Before you Become a Wrongfully Convicted Sex Offender in Houston Texas

Most criminals who say they “didn’t do it” actually have. But what about those law abiding citizens who get caught up with the wrong person, and suddenly you are being accused of sex crimes you never committed? Sexual crimes accusations are often the cry of attention, or even the vengeful sort. Going through the judicial process can be a stressful and terrifying thing, especially when you have to rely solely on the judgment of 12 people you don’t know from Adam.

First thing you will need is an experienced and aggressive legal representation. Call Dyer and Libby Attorneys at Law today to handle your case. After which, we have compiled some advice on what to do.

1. Understand the reality of being accused of a sexual crime. Many instances where someone has been accused of a sexual crime, comes down to a “he said, she said” court battle. Do not take it lightly, there have been wrongful convictions made on that particular instance. The consequences are generally serious and you can’t under-estimate the importance of being wrongfully accused. Do not fail to take proper action hoping “the system” will save you, simply because you know you are innocent.
2. A sexual defense case is not cheap. It is best to prepare your finances for your case. In this type of crime, you will need to recruit expert advice, as much evidence as possible needs to be collected, and psychological tests performed to prove your innocence. Remember, you are fighting for your freedom in this, and trying to cut costs is the wrong investment. Pool your assets, stretch out your resources and do whatever is necessary to get the best quality of defense possible.
3. Document the details of your case. It is in your best interest to write down every detail of every encounter pertinent to your case. The smallest details could be the strongest asset in your defense. Help your attorneys prove your innocence. Even if you are unsure how important any fact could be, write it down, your attorney can determine how effective it could be. Continue to keep records of anything about your case as you remember them. This small act could determine your outcome.
4. Do your homework. Your legal team is a valuable advantage in your case. Allow them to do their specialty, but educate yourself on what you are going through. There is a vast array of resources at your disposal. Learn the laws pertaining to your case, read up on similar cases, on both convictions and dismissals. Discover anything you can in regards to the legal system, your rights and anything of value as you proceed with this endeavor. Know what you are about to face, to better understand what you need to prepare for. Ask questions; your attorney is there to help you. Be proactive!
5. Witnesses. When you are a criminal defendant, you have every legal right to provide your own witnesses for your case. Includes with each witness their personal information; full name, address, phone number, a brief biography, and include what you believe they can offer. Compile a separate list of possible witnesses that might hinder your dismissal. Never overlook a possible witness, even if you are at odds on how beneficial one could be, let your attorney determine their value.
6. Know your legal rights. When being questioned by authorities, don’t say a word without your attorney present, even explaining your innocence could be turned around.
If you are not being arrested, you have a legal right to leave any facility you are being kept. Speak with your attorney immediately after you have left the building to ensure your defense is in its best interest.

Dyer and Libby Attorneys at Law has the experience and expertise to aid you in your defense. Don’t hesitate – call us today in Houston, Conroe, Galveston, Sugar Land & the Great State of Texas!

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