Full Moon Happenings & Crime Rates Statistics; Lunar Effect Legal Defense?!

Most people have heard the stories about weird things happenings during a full moon. There is the story about werewolves and even about crime rates going up during these times when the moon is full. If you ask the majority of people if there is any real truth to this phenomenon, they will probably tell you no. There can’t possibly be any real link between the two. That is unless you ask the police department or the emergency department at a hospital. They will tell you that there must be some truth to it because they continuously see an increase in the amount of crime and deaths on these nights.

Dyer and Libby Attorneys at Law have looked at some research where scientists have actually done some findings on the crime rate increases during full moons.

Lunar Effect Defense – Can the lunar effect be a defense? It is possible that you could use the moons lunar cycle as a defense. It has been done before back in the 19th century when there were lawyers who would plead not guilty to a crime by reason of the full moon. This may seem silly but it was a legitimate claim that was used which was called the Lunar Defense.

Pattern of Crimes During Moon Cycles – Are there any studies? There are some studies that have looked at the pattern of crime and the cycle of the moon to see if there is any correlation between the two. A study that was done in 1978 showed an increase in the amount of aggravated assaults over a full year period during the times when the moon was full.

Can the Moon Affect Behavior – What are the theories that the moon can affect a person’s behavior? There is a study that the theory says the gravitation pull on the earth is stronger during a full moon which could have an effect on behavior. When they looked at three different police stations over a ten year period, they found that crimes were reported more often on the full moon days then on any other day. They also believe that there could be a link between the way that a full moon effects the amount of sleep that someone can get. They studied a group of volunteers over a period of time and found that the group as a whole took about five minutes longer to fall asleep then on days that the moon was not full.

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If you see a full moon coming make sure that you are making good decisions and paying attention to the world around you. If you seem to be in a situation that has you in some legal trouble, call Dyer and Libby Attorneys at Law for help during the next full moon or any time.

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