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Ethan Couch “Affluenza Teen” Intoxication Manslaughter DUI Car Accident Update. Call Dyer & Libby Attorneys at Law for Expert Legal Representation in Houston & the State of TX!

One of the most talked about cases of 2015; a case which continues to draw the attention of both the news media and public into early 2016 is the notorious case of “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch and his mother Tonya Couch. In December 2013, Ethan Anthony Couch was given 10 years probation in Juvenile Court…

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Workers Compensation Insurance Laws in Texas, an “Opt-Out” State; Contact Dyer & Libby Attorneys At Law in Houston TX

From its geographical size to its economy, Texas is a large state and is home to some of the most profitable companies in the United States including Exxon Mobile, AT&T, Dell, Kimberly Clark, Southwest Airlines and Whole Food Markets. Even with these Fortune 500 companies, small business in Texas make up for a large majority…

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Pro & Against Capital Punishment Debate; How has the Death Penalty Changed in 2015? If you are Accused of a Crime in Houston TX, Contact the Skilled Lawyers at Dyer & Libby Attorneys at Law!

Murder, crime and punishment are all popular topics in the media and may even leave you feeling as though you are reading the latest crime novel. You could literally turn on any T.V in the country or pick up any newspaper, and watch or read a story that was related to capital punishment within the…

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Get your Houston TX Legal Affairs in Order this New Year; Family Law Documents, Personal Injury Cases, Business Law Issues & Criminal Procedures

The end of the year marks the start of a new year. This is a great time of the year to start fresh. Most people will make a new year resolution from losing weight to saving to even something like to travel more or stop smoking. These are really great ways to start off the…

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Filing for Divorce in Texas; Mediation Process, Legal Separation, Alimony Spousal Support, Child Custody & More in Houston TX

When marriages are not happily ever after, the emotional trauma of divorce can be unpleasant. Both parents (and if there are children involved) are deeply affected. Whatever the contributing factors are, it is important you understand as much as you can before diving in and figuring it out as you go. Dyer & Libby Attorneys…

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