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James Hamlin Dyer is an Alumni of South Texas College of Law and is a father of three and grandfather of two. After graduating in 1974, Mr. Dyer worked in private practice until he established Dyer & Libby on July 4th, 1976. Although he is experienced in the general practice of law, Criminal law is his main area. Mr. Dyer is a member of the State Bar of Texas, the Southern District of Texas (Federal ), and the American Bar Association.
Dyer & Libby Attorneys at Law is dedicated to our clients and defending our clients and your rights. When you have been accused of a crime in Houston, Texas, our team is there to represent you every day in court and offer support and guidance through the process. The court system with a high level of skill is giving us the ability to navigate the court system. In the defense of their case from the beginning to the end with compassion and attention to detail, we treat our clients with respect and help them through each step at our firm.
Dyer & Libby Attorneys at Law does what we can to reduce the burden and help build your future whether you are dealing with the stress of criminal law and personal injury, or other civil law services, Dyer & Libby Attorneys at Law are ready to serve you. Dyer & Libby Attorneys work closely with our clients, and if you require a personal injury attorney, we will take over the communication between the other party and insurance company, so we can help you the compensation you deserve and allow you time to heal.
Dyer & Libby Attorneys at Law includes business law in Houston, TX. There are many complicated facets of your business from the best strategies in buying, selling and negotiating, among others. Being communicative with our clients we offer flexibilities. In an effort to assure the success of each business we work with; Dyer & Libby Attorneys at Law stand by our clients’ sides from start and with you as long as you need.

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